In this collection of poems, Klaske Havik builds her worlds in words, with stone, sand, snow and salt as founding materials.

Way and Further, Poems by Klaske Havik

This collection brings together articles that engage with central and marginal figures from architecture, and engage diverse philosophical positions. 

Timely Meditations, by Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Taking the theatre as a broad paradigm of common life, from antiquity to today’s concert halls, the book explores exemplary and deadly spaces, digging under the skin of architecture.

Common Sense, Building the world to share, by Andrew Todd

In this tale about human ambition, Louise Pelletier takes a caustic look at the building industry and the primeval human quest to leave our mark on the world.

Downfall, The Architecture of Excess, a novel by Louise Pelletier

This philosophical poem in narrative prose constitutes an original reflection on the erotic dimension of architecture.

El Sueño de Polyfilo, Origen Erótico del Significado Architectónico (2nd edition), by Alberto Pérez-Gómez